Reviews of the Ephemeral

Guidelines for Reviewers


Do you want to review for Sabotage? Awesome! Here is a quick run-down of what is expected.

  • Write to the correct editor: (for printed poetry), (for novellas, flash fiction etc) or (for spoken word, performances etc) with details of your background. No previous experience is necessary but be prepared for edits and re-writes if the review is not up to standard. Don’t take it personally!
  • There is no pay, sadly, but you do get to keep the material you review and, in the case of performance poetry you get free entry to events!
  • Sabotage is concerned with promoting new literature created on a small scale and as such it particularly concentrates on magazines and journals (both in print and online) as well as poetry pamphlets and novellas but we are also open to reviewing anthologies published by independent presses, and writings occurring in more unusual formats. We also accept reviews of Slam and other performed poetry/fiction events (please email if so). Sabotage doesn’t review full poetry collections or novels as there are enough websites already fulfilling that criteria.
  • Reviews are between 500-1000 words, but they can be stretched to longer if justified.
  • Sabotage doesn’t publish invective, insults, slander etc, keep it clean! Besides, if you’re unhappy with a publication, the most effective attack is a well-reasoned one.
  • The format your review takes can be as inventive or as traditional as you like. We are open to reviews using formats other than writing, so if you’re a keen podcaster or film maker, feel free to approach Sabotage about it. However, whichever format you pick, keep it critically rigorous, and remember that the review is about the show/publication, not you.
  • If I’ve forgotten to cover something here, please email me at, I’ll be happy to enlighten you and point you in the right direction!
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