Reviews of the Ephemeral

Saboteur Awards FAQ

We’ll be posting here some of the questions we’ve been asked in the hope that it helps others too. Please feel free to get in touch with more.

What’s the difference between anthology, pamphlet, collection?

You may have your own definitions but for the purpose of this award, here’s how we define them:

-anthology: a volume of work by several people and edited by one or more people. Often these have a theme, sometimes they represent a group of writers, …

-pamphlet of poetry: this is usually a pocket-sized booklet, and sometimes called chapbook, by one poet of around 30 pages or less, it’s fine if it has bonus material with it such as a CD etc!  Online/digital pamphlets are also eligible.

-collection of short-stories: there is no page limit to this but it should be by one author.

-collection of poetry: a large volume of poetry by one poet, these are not eligible in these awards as we think there are enough awards for them out there already.

Is a novel eligible in any category?


What do you mean by Mixed Anthology?

Something that’s not just fiction or poetry, either a mix of the two, or paired with something else, such as artwork.

Can I vote for something I wrote/edited/reviewed?

Yes, but you can’t vote more than once. Please make the most of it to vote for things beside yourself as well – surely you don’t just read/listen to your self?

Does a magazine have to be created after April 2012 to be eligible?

No, but it needs to have had an issue out since April 30th 2012, dormant magazines are out of the running!

Does ‘Indie’ mean that you just want self-published work?

No, we welcome ‘self-published’ and ‘published’ work equally.

Can I vote for just one thing?

If you do, you may be mistaken for spam. We’re getting quite a lot of spam, so lower those chances by giving titles and author names, and not just voting for yourself, or your vote may not be counted.

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