Reviews of the Ephemeral


Send us your work, your words and your soul:

Claire Trévien (printed poetry):

Claire published her first pamphlet of poetry, Low-Tide Lottery with Salt Publishing. She has also published an e-chapbook of poetry, Patterns of Decay, her first collection will be published by Penned in the Margins in 2013. Outside of poetry, Claire Trévien completed a doctorate in 2012, on spectacle in prints of the French Revolution.You can find out more on her website.

Richard T. Watson (fiction):

Richard T. Watson/RTW divides his time between being a writer, critic, director, artistic director, theatre-goer and keen eater of cake and/or ice cream. He’s been published by Leaf Books and Eclectic Eel zine. He recently perfected the art of power-napping and prefers instant to filter coffee (for which philistinism he apologises). Try him here, on He tweets at @RichardTWatson

James Webster (slam and performance poetry):

Webster is a performance poet, gigging around London, Oxford and Coventry, some of his poetry can be found here and tweets poetry at @websterpoet. He is also the only poet in the UK who will text poetry directly to your mobile for free if you email him your name and number here ( He loves words, socialism and you. In that order.




Thea Buen (event manager):


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