Reviews of the Ephemeral


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Sabotage likes pamphlets, small presses, poetry and fiction magazines, manifestos, online journals, stapled pieces of paper, installation poetry, performed poetry … In other words, those ephemeral works that are often created on a small budget and distributed to a limited amount of people.

Shaded by their stockier cousins these works don’t always get the thoughtful criticism, heated debates, or trolls that they deserve. Let’s face it, Sabotage isn’t going to solve that problem, but it would like to provide a troposphere.

Sabotage welcomes reviews of  1500 words or less on any of the above (no novels or full collections please!). See the guidelines here.

If you are a writer or editor and would like your work to be reviewed on Sabotage please email the relevant editor and either attach the work, supply us with a link or ask for our mailing address. Due to the high volume of requests we receive compared to the number of reviewers we have, we regret that we cannot guarantee a review. We do not review novels or full poetry collections as there are many other reviewing outlets for these.

It goes without saying that the opinions of the reviewers don’t necessarily reflect those of this website as a whole.

Copyright belongs to the authors, please don’t lift articles without permission.

Sabotage Reviews is being archived for posterity by the British Library.

It was nominated by members of The Alliance for Independent Authors for their Top Website for Self-Publishers Award.


  1. I’m a troll for satire.

  2. Hi there,

    Do you have a mailing address where I can send hard-copy zines for your review? Thanks.

  3. Hi Anthony, I have e-mailed you my mailing address, best wishes, Claire

  4. I have just published my first book of poems, The Ethereal Tree, at Amazon and would like to have it reviewed. I can email a pdf copy of the book if necessary. Thanks.

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